NikePhelps’ Indie Hopes For 2017

I am a gamer that is all about big “AAA” titles. I grew up at a time where big, marquee titles anchored the year at strategically placed moments (traditionally around and during the holiday season) and mid-tier games filled out the rest of the year. “B” level games were usually cheaper than the full price of games and were pretty hit or miss. You could find some real gems, though. Mid-tier games are largely absent from the industry now but I have recently been replaced with the rise of the indie scene. When indies first began to gain traction on consoles I was resistant at first. After more than 20 years of gaming, however, I am definitely more open to everything that gaming has to offer. Experiencing games like Limbo, Shovel Knight, and Ori and the Blind Forest definitely made me a believer and opened my eyes to all the possibilities. Now, I have a great appreciation and I readily anticipate smaller titles. There are some indie titles that I hope release this year and you can check them out below.


I mentioned this game in NikePhelps’ Most Anticipated Games of 2017 but my feelings haven’t changed. I NEED this game! That art style is just immaculate. The boss battles look amazing (even though it looks like it takes 1000 hits just to take one down). And the co-op seems to be a blast. So, what the HELL is taking so long?!?!?!? I understand they are a small studio but still, this game was shown off almost three years ago. A rumor has been that the studio needed to fill out the rest of the game. I feel it because I don’t want a half ass game but it needs to release this year.

Disc Jam

Disc Jam is a mash-up between air hockey and tennis that looks awesome. This gives me Rocket League vibes and you know how lit that game is. The competitive fun to be had is crazy and I honestly don’t see how this won’t find some type of success. Unless the controls are crazy or it flat out doesn’t work. It looks good though so I’m hopeful.


My love for the Souls series should be clear at this point so any game reminiscent of it will instantly grab my attention. This game looks amazing. EITR shows a lot of the innovations that I would like to see in games of this genre. It’s steeped in Norse mythology (a mythology I will like explored more in games), incredible combat, and the vintage art-style is great. I can’t wait to play this!

Ghost of a Tale

One of the reasons I love video games is to experience the imaginations of the many people of the world. You play as a mouse. A mouse who looks like a badass. I’m so interested in what the story is because the mouse, Tilo, is getting into precarious situations. And encountering that crab seems like a crazy time. The game is in early access now but I need the whole game.

Are you excited about any of these upcoming games? What indie titles are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.


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