Wavy News of the Week: 1/20-1/27

What’s popping guys. NikePhelps here and I’m bringing you the Wavy News of the Week. Now, what is Wavy News of the Week? Wavy News of the Week will be any gaming news that I was excited to hear about that week and will be posted every Friday.

This week has brought a lot of great news to gamers including Prey and Tekken 7 receiving official release dates, betas for Injustice 2 and For Honor launching, and a brand-new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer showing off new squadmates. The announcement that earned the distinction of Wavy News of the Week for this week is for my comic book fans.

Square Enix revealed Thursday that they are teaming up with Marvel Entertainment for a multi-game partnership. WHAT!!!!! Square Enix and Marvel released a trailer, which you can see below, but it didn’t reveal much other than the Avengers need to reassemble.

If you have been following the events in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, then you know after the events of Captain America: Civil War the team is splintered with Captain America and Iron Man at odds. This leads me to believe that the games are tied to the movie universe. If this is the case, I wonder how they will handle the games. Will they all be connected with one another? I think a good way to do the Marvel games would be to play on the conflict that the Avengers have been experiencing in the movie universe. Make a couple of solo games for individual members that take them on adventures and then build up to a full-fledged Avengers game showing them reunite.

I’m glad Marvel is making a push to be big players in the gaming market. I was a huge fan of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series and the Marvel vs Capcom series but Marvel’s track record is sketchy at best with them usually relying heavily on making their games based on their films. After seeing what DC Comics has done with Batman with the legendary Arkham series, they should have a clear idea of how gamers want these iconic characters utilized. Marvel has other highly-anticipated games coming down the pipeline as well that show they have learned lessons. A Guardians of the Galaxy game developed by Telltale Games and a Spider-Man game coming exclusively to the PS4 have the industry excited to see what type of quality they will bring.

I have faith in the project, though, whatever it may be. Square Enix has been killing it lately with their rebooted Tomb Raider franchise, the latest Deus Ex, and, of course, the Final Fantasy franchise. I am excited about what they do with the Marvel properties.

Are you excited for this Marvel and Square Enix partnership? What gaming news had you excited this week? Let me know in the comments and as always subscribe and share.


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