NikePhelps’ Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017 Pt.1

The new year is always an amazing time for gamers because the game that you can’t wait for is on the horizon and it means it’s that much closer to releasing. Now I know as well as anybody that until a game has a specific release date and has gone gold, that anything could happen. A couple of delays can turn into a situation like The Last Guardian and you may never see your game. I understand this all too well so that’s why we’re here for hope and optimism. 2017 is filled to the brim with amazing games releasing and I’m excited about a lot of them. Since I am still introducing myself to you, I want to share some of the games I can’t wait to play. Here are NikePhelps’ Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017. Click on the titles of the game to get a glimpse of what’s coming.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Speaking of games being on the horizon (pun intended), I had to begin with this highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive because I’m ready for this freaking game to release. Initially scheduled for a 2016 release, the game suffered a couple of heartbreaking delays but is now primed and ready to go for a February 28 release. When I saw the trailer for the game watching E3 2015, I knew I needed this game. I mean NEED this game. First, the protagonist, Aloy, seems like she’s going to be a strong character and I’m all about female leads in any medium really so that instantly grabs my attention. But aside from that, the game has everything that I am a fan of in games and things I didn’t know I wanted. The game has a new take on the post-apocalyptic which sees mechanical animals the dominant species inhabiting the Earth thousands of years in the future. Humans have reverted back to a tribal state where they now live in small tribes scattered across the land. Developers of this game, Guerilla Games, are the same people who made the Killzone franchise. I have nothing against Killzone because I enjoyed Killzone 2, in particular, but it didn’t revolutionize the shooter genre. That being said, it is wild to me that they have taken such a leap forward and are bringing gamers what looks to be an amazing experience. I can’t wait.


Tell me your secrets majestic beasts


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Now if you have heard of this game then you’re probably thinking, “NikePhelps is probably going to have to wait a minute for this to come out.” I have definitely considered this but remember I said we’re here for hope and optimism so as far as I’m concerned it’s definitely coming this year. If this is your first-time hearing of the game I can shed a little light on that. The game is developed by Ninja Theory, the team behind underrated games Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and is a hack and slash game based on Celtic mythology. The game deals with mental illness in a unique way as the protagonist, Senua, goes on a journey through the underworld that is made up entirely in her mind. Further details on the game are scarce as of now but the developers did release a video stating that they were getting back to production on the game after some time off. An action game set in Celtic mythology? Sign me up.


What mysteries are you hiding?


South Park: The Fractured but Whole

South Park is one of my favorite shows of all time so that should really let you know where my feelings lie on a South Park game. South Park: The Stick of Truth was a classic. Transforming the world of South Park into a turn-based RPG was a stroke of genius. The gameplay mechanics were fantastic and, most importantly, the game maintained South Park’s character. Simply put the game was hilarious. After releasing the first title, I have zero doubts that The Fractured but Whole will be amazing. Ditching the epic fantasy theme and moving into the superhero genre, the new title follows The New Kid. After the group fractures over a disagreement about Cartman’s planned superhero film franchise, you assume the role of The New Kid and set out on your adventure. The rich turn-based mechanics and trademark humor are returning in this sequel so I have no worries about the game. I just need it now!


It honestly looks like a dope rollout



It’s about time this game comes out already. I know it’s being made by the indie studio, Studio MDHR, and being a small studio, I understand a game like this can take some time. But rumors concerning a lack of content outside of the game’s boss fights leaves me wondering if there will be enough game there to play. Hopefully, with the extra time they’re taking, it can be a fully realized game. Cuphead is a run and gun action game that sees the titular character, Cuphead, on a journey to repay a debt to the devil after losing a bet. The game is stylized like a 1930s cartoon which is the first game I know of that uses that aesthetic. That, along with the frantic nature of the gameplay made me an instant believer in the game. Hopefully, it is able to make its 2017 release window.


This looks absolutely amazing


Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has been out for almost 2 years and it still hasn’t seen a console release yet. It’s utterly ridiculous. This game needs to come out soon. I have been playing Tekken since Tekken 2 back in 1995. There are games that you encounter where they affect you in a way that makes you see games in a new light and that’s how I felt about Tekken 2. It’s no telling the number of hours I poured into this game as a child. Tekken 7 is going to bring the same 3D fighting game mechanics that fans love with some new characters and a new story mode that I’m intrigued by. It’s already been confirmed that the game is amazing I just need it in my hands.


Same old creepy Yoshimitsu


Stay tuned for part 2.


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